Are you in Control or Controlling?

There is a difference.  When I think about the two, one is a relaxed behavior and the other is reactionary.  I admit to being both at times.  Being in control feels much better and commands more respect than being controlling.  The word is the same but the connotation is quite different.   When I am controlling it is usually because I feel unsure or insecure.  There is a false sense of confidence so I grip the situation hoping it will go my way.  It is clear that being controlling puts you in a more weakened state then you already may find yourself.  Hoping for something implies that you don’t have a plan.  It implies that you have no power.

Power, we know is the epicenter of seduction, sex and business.   The greatest seducers of love and business in history didn’t rely on cheap tricks and then hope for the best.  They used their powers of perception, observation and acute knowledge of timing to enchant and captivate.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” has stood the test of time for a reason.  It is the practice of making it look natural that separates those who are in control and those who are controlling.

Music mood:  Lenny Kravitz ” are you gonna go my way”

Neurally yours,

the ring master  xo


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