Pieces of Me

A piece for you.  Its my gift to you.  Take it.  Mold it.  Know that it was given to you with open heart, mind and body.  I am yours.  My sacrifice is small when I think of the output of pleasure, appreciation and happiness.

I know you are not greedy.  If in your mind you want more, I know you won’t ask. You know that a little hunger does a body good.

In front of you lies a piece of me that can be renewed and refreshed every time we are together. It can be molded to your liking as frequently as you wish.

Why would you want all of me when you can have piece uniquely valuable to your eyes only?

Music mood:  Bruce Springsteen ” brilliant disguise”

Neurally yours,

your piece of the pie xo

Published by The Pleasure Proseur

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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