Of Muscles and Minds

We always talk about our bodies and minds but the soul gets neglected in our every day vernacular.  Our muscles and minds needs nourishment but what about the soul?  Is it just to whimsical to take seriously outside of Sunday Mass?

Yet, it is our souls that keeps the fires burning in our muscles and minds.  The intangible, the faithful and the motivational.  Our passions take root in our souls – beyond what is rational and sometimes what is considered the “right decision. ”

Our souls are the meaty, juicy part of our beings.   Our muscles and minds are the armor.   They work in unison to create the dynamic beings that we are and work they do!  The capacity  we have for achievement is far greater than many people  choose to recognize.   Let your soul remind you more often of how amazing you are even when your muscles and minds forget.

Music mood:  “Beautiful People” – Rusted Root

Neurally yours,

your true north xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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