Embrace the Giggle

A good sense of humor is one of the most important qualities a man, or any person for that matter, could have.   Levity in any situation, goes a long way. Laugh at yourself.

I think about what made the greatest generation great and I think it was their ability to appreciate life for what is and find golden moments in times of stress and strife.  They were not victims.  They did not complain.  We hear stories about how during “hell week” the military sing or chant as way to push through and endure the pain.    It seems the more we move into a faster, more self-serving pace in life, the ability to step back, observe and appreciate becomes a thing of the past.

Embrace the giggle.  Lather yourself in chuckles.  Bask in another’s smile.  An article in Psychology Today documents that when we smile neuropeptides are released that fight off stress.

Humility is tightly tied to sense of humor.  It doesn’t mean be self-deprecating. The business of life is serious but if we approach it with the degree of levity, the toughest more challenging parts suddenly seem more bearable.

Embrace the giggle.

Music mood:  “Take a Load off Annie” – The Boys from Nazareth

Neurally yours,

your neuropeptides xo

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