Dirty Laundry

I call it “dirty laundry” because what starts out clean and intellectual devolves into a form of exploitation of the English language.   A vernacular that would make you blush if I whispered it in your ear, looking straight into your eyes.  One might think the potency of dirty talk comes from the imagination but without additional sensorial aids, such as direct eye contact and touch, my dirty words would just feel more like a narrative than an act in and of itself.

Your participation of course is voluntary.  You can lay back, listen, let my words float aurally into your skin.  The reaction might surprise you as all of the walls come down.  I enter your mind with the force of a thousand voices whispering in your ear and yet only mine is distinct.

Let me wash your mind of the mundane.

Music mood:  Rolling Stones ” Little T & A”

Neurally yours,

Tide xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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