Beyond the Sea

The sea is always changing.  It is beast one minute and the next allow you to glide on its lip. It can toss you around as if you are in a washing machine or embrace your bravado and let you have your way with it.

Please don’t ever underestimate its power.  The grip is strong and if you aren’t ready not just physically but mentally it will shred you and pound you into its floor.

For all of its might and vigor, you can feel as light as air and as buoyant and free as the fish that co-habitat.   On a different level,  you can relate to its moods and find the conversation of clean, salty air and unspoken words, stirring your desires and quieting your soul.  It speaks to all of your senses.  Feel the initial chill wash over you then let the air and water melt into you and warm your body.

Wade in.  There is no rush.  The tide will go in and go out and you will move with it not against it.

Now you see.

Music mood”  Jimmy Buffett ” the stars fell on Alabama”

Neurally yours,

surfer girl xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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