Rapunzel’s Secret – The Sequel

Now that you know how I feel about my hair, let me tell you what I love to do with it.  The ways in which I try and provoke emotion  as those tendrils drape themselves over your body and in secret places that should remain between us.

The best part for me is watching you and the stages of your facial expression. I think I can see into your brain – and when we are together and  my hair sweeps over you, I know your mind is a blank slate.  It is a moment to be cherished because you have achieved the ultimate in a state of relaxation where all the worries of the day dissipate.

When I look up and see your eyes piercing through me and feel your entire body smiling at me, I have to ask myself….Who needs a yoga class?

Music mood:  Rusted Root ” send me on my way”

Neurally yours,

Rapunzel’s secret sister xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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