My hair is growing so long.  Its hard to believe that a few years ago I had a shaved head.  For most of my life I never put much importance on my hair – Ive had long hair, short hair, straight, permed, and in many different colors.   I know some women are very particular about their hair and put particular care into the grooming of it.  I was just never one of them.

I remember when I shaved it.  It was nowhere near as dramatic as the Britney Spear’s episode.    My hairdresser was surprised but to me it was just hair.  I was more emotional about what the action represented for the person I was doing it for.  During that time in my life, I was on a mission to be a slave, to serve in the image and likeness in which my Master preferred.  My baldness was a bold statement of my submission, obliging his wish with no questions asked.

For the past couple of years my hair has grown. I haven’t dyed it.  The natural state of my tendrils was another bold statement.  Its a little below my shoulders now.  My family no longer thinks I am a lesbian.  lol   In my ripe age of 43, I feel more young at heart  with the mind and soul of someone who has truly lived and still has so much more to learn.  My hair serves as a reminder of the growth in my character and the journey I made from one lifestyle to another.   A symbolic metamorphosis that like Rapunzel my hair is what rescued me, only I alone pulled myself up and out. That is my secret.

Music mood:  Bob Marley ” Redemption Song”

Neurally yours,

Rapunzel’s secret sister xo