Vocal Vocabulary

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  A compliment is wonderful and can really brighten the smile on  someone’s face. Kindness it is purest and most subtle of forms, carries enormous longevity.    However, words should be purposeful and appropriate for the relationship.  The use of terms of endearment for someone you haven’t met or barely know cheapens the intention.

If you call me simply by my name, I will appreciate you that much more.  The salutation “Dear”  will as Jim Morrison said, “light my fire…”   If you save a compliment for a moment in conversation, I will appreciate your skills of observation, listening and attention, behaviors are under appreciated qualities in a world of instant gratification.

There is something to be said for everything having a time and a place.  A pause. A restrained vocabulary that strikes at a precise moment.  If that moment never arrives it is ok too.

First impressions are fleeting.   Respect should not difficult to give or to earn.   However, like first impressions, maintaining respect can be fleeting.

Music mood: Rusted Root ” beautiful people”

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