In the Clutch

A few weeks ago, I accomplished a bucket list item – learning to drive a manual.  I know, most of you are probably saying “what’s the point?”  After all, the classic clutch is slowly disappearing among the masses, at least.   It was a big deal for me and it was a great deal of fun!  Since I live in NYC and the marvel of Uber has come to be, I haven’t had to get in the driver’s seat for 14 years.

Im grateful to my good friend for volunteering his time and his car.  He was patient and I got the hang of it.  Of course, I didn’t every get out of 2nd gear because we were in a parking lot that was not completely empty!

It was an awesome experience to feel the clutch engage.   In many ways it  was a metaphor for great sex.   It may take a little time to warm up and get in sync but once you experience that moment where it all “clicks” and you are in the groove, watch out!

Music mood:  Sammy Hagar ” I can’t drive 55″

Neurally yours,

5th gear xo


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