Its Up to You, Mrs. Robinson…

It happened.  I didn’t think it ever would but sometimes things happen in unexpected ways and you just go with it.

I took a man’s virginity.  He was 20.  Not a boy but someone who was mature and knew what he wanted.    If he had told me ahead of time, I would have rejected the idea.   In conversation, he mentioned he was a virgin and he wanted me to to take it.  A simple and compelling proposition.

This opens me up to your judgement.  I realize that.  However, I wanted to share it with you because of what I learned from it.

Upon reflection, maybe I was the nervous one. Was I expecting fireworks and a marching band when it was over?   I took him in my arms and guided him gently into the shallow end of foreplay.  I  was conscientious in my efforts to make him feel comfortable and secure in my embrace.  He responded in kind.

Sex is sex.  Its easy and doesn’t require a diploma.  Intimacy is another thing.   The connection of two people, not just bodies that are invested in the moment and the ones that follow.  A seizure of the mind that prepares the body to remain open and alert to a new language.

It helped that I happened to have his favorite band, Metallica, on my phone, playing on repeat.

Post-coital,  we lay there and he talked about his plans of deployment and what he was was looking forward to the most about being on what is essentially, a floating city.  As he relaxed into  me, the need for an encore seemed less of a priority.

It was the graduation of intimacy and connection for this young man.

Music mood:  Metallica “master of puppets”

Neurally yours,

Mrs. Robinson xo



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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