Destiny’s Refugee

Boundaries.  Why are they often perceived as a bad thing?  We talk about “walls” and “limits” as if they are a bad thing.   Perhaps this is where the true art of compromise exists.

It is my choice to put myself out there.  I want you to know me and feel comfortable.  The personal boundaries I have are dynamic and fluid.  My mind and heart remain open but like anything worthwhile in life, effort is required.  I love to give of myself for your benefit.  There is a natural balance in human nature that if you have the courage to put yourself out there, those around you will respect that enough to not push too hard.

Don’t mistake boundaries for rejection.  My passion and desire for you and the boundaries I keep are not mutually exclusive.  I want to make myself available to  you because I care about how good you want to feel, be desired and appreciated.

As we get older we acquire wisdom.  Life experience.  I believe that the people you meet, the situations that occur, are often deliberate.  A result of the chain reaction of choices made.  The impacts of which vary in degree. It doesn’t matter if an experience was good or bad, it gives me more courage.   I believe destinies can change and if we focus less on where it ends and more on the design and path, realizing how malleable it truly can be, life would be much more enriching and enjoyable.

Music mood  Willie Nelson ” Across the Borderline”

Neurally yours,

destiny’s refugee xo



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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