A Connection to Treasure

I spent time with a friend recently who had seen him twice in the last few weeks.  He commented on the contrast in my demeanor.   He noticed I was in a fragile state of mind.  It was refreshing to hear his honesty because he couldnt have been more accurate.  A confluence of major life events put me off my even keel.  The ability to maintain an even keel was something my father and my former business mentor impressed upon me and I work at it every day.   The difference from one week to the next?  A 36-hour break at my family’s beach house.

There is always a fine line with intimacy.  I want to give everything I can when I am the company of a friend.  I want to feel they can rely on me to be supportive, caring and present in their need for intimacy.  I want them to know I am focused and passionate about making them happy.

It seems that there are many of us masking our true emotions because of the fulfillment of every day life obligations.   The awareness of being there for someone who is in need, to eliminate a void, even if it is temporary, is a powerful thing.  A connection to treasure.

In the end life is about making the most of your experiences.

Music mood:  The Cure – “Pictures of you”

Neurally yours,

a secret shoulder xo



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