Exercise the Now

Walk into my heart as a stranger.  Find your nook, feeling welcomed to remain.  Do you want to write your own ending?

Enjoy the moments of emotion that our thespian imaginations portray.  Applause so deafening that you remain perfectly still.  If you move what will happen?

Fondle and mold the kinetic energy between us. Whatever the result, treat it as a masterpiece.  Admire it as such.  Can you recognize the beauty in the imperfect?

Recognize the originality of reality.  A reality that lives within a bubble.  Be comforted that it is not as fragile as it looks or sometimes, feels.  If it burst, then what?

These moments are fleeting.  Exercise the now.  What is it you have to lose?

Music mood:  Frank Sinatra “come fly with me”

Neurally yours,

your step counter xo


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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