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Seize the Moment

I have had two people who were extremely influential in my life die this week.  I don’t write this because I am asking for your sympathy.  We move through our days thinking we do our absolute best. When we close our eyes at night, there might be a flicker of doubt in our minds.  Perhaps there is more we can be reaching for?

The details of the impact and significance they had in my life is something I choose to not discuss.  It is the vitality, passion, enthusiasm and sense of humor they had about life that leaves an indelible impression.  In one case, it was their tireless effort to be a delicate but profound influence and in the other, just their smile and simple easy manner that made you enjoy their company.

Loss.  Expected and sudden and yet I do not weep.   My heart and brain feel a bit disconnected.   A dry, firm heart and an overactive mind reach deep into its files to poignantly remember the life-changing moments in my life that they were a part of, in very different capacities.  The simplicity in their speech and how they were always happy to here from you even if the frequency was seldom.

I learned much both directly and indirectly from them.  These two people from different positions in my life, who didnt know one another, different ages, backgrounds and yet their common influence in my life were their youthful spirits.

As cliche as it sounds it reminds me to articulate what matters to the people that matter.  Moments are fleeting.  Realize and savor the moments regardless of the packaging or circumstances in which they arrive.

Music mood:  Bob Dylan ” times they are a changing”

Neurally yours,

eternally grateful xo


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