Undefining You

I enjoy our conversation.  I find you charming, creative and at times intoxicating.   I listen to your wisdom and stories but I don’t let them define you.  I take you as you are.  Nothing more, nothing less.

This is the secret to appreciation.  It is not looking too deeply into something.  It is not making assumptions.  There is value in what is on the surface.

We think knowing a secret makes us special.  What if we just process the answers as they were given and not sought out to know more?  Would this be such a horrible thing to maintain the answers as we understand them?

Sometimes I think in my quest to know more, dig deeper, I overlook and miss the basics.  When I am focused on you and seeing the beauty at hand, I feel a sense of satisfaction.  Its wonderful to trust that kind of simplicity of thought.

Music mood:  KISS ” I wanna rock and roll”

Neurally yours,

a simpleton xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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