Why Intimacy and Sex Does a Body Good

Sex is as vital to our lives as drinking water.  Yet, like  drinking water, we allow ourselves to go without until we are actually at the point of extreme thirst and dehydration.   We make time for the big and little tasks from exercise to brushing our teeth, which are necessary to keep our bodies performance optimal…but isnt intimacy, not just sex vital to both our emotional and mental well beings?

While Desire Exists, the Effort can Wane .

Sex is an activity that any adult can participate it regards of their fitness level.

We may complain we never really get enough.   The excuses we rationalize – its chemical or biological.  Our minds recreate the last time we were touched.  Our bodies, sit in limbo – between imagination and ache.  In all of their resourceful glory never forget.  Patiently we wait.

Striking the Match and Lighting the Fire.

Live in those moments of soft touch and slow, hypnotic movements.   The wait is over when you feel the warm pore’s of another’s skin against yours.   The mind in all of its mechanics, slows down…while the heart and lungs expand.  In this moment and the ones that follow, you are your most present self.

Back to Basics. No Lampshade Necessary.

There is no reason to make sex a show.  It doesnt have complicated or involve stretching before hand.  It doesn’t require discussion.   Just do it. Don’t pause unless of course you are teasing your partner. Let the chemistry drive the experience.

Leave the lampshade where it belongs.  On the lamp.

Music mood:  John Coltrane ” In a Sentimental Mood”

Neurally yours,

the lonely lamp xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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