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The KPIs of Life

The excitement and anticipation of a new year.  All of the expectation of equal part challenge and opportunity.

Its funny how we put so much expectation on newness –  a new day, a new year…our optimism runs high at the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate.  My observation is that we celebrate the idea of change because of what it represents – a life full of possibility but yet if we look at the pace of change it is rarely swift.

What I find interesting is that so much effort and energy is put into our physical beings and yet when it comes to evaluating our emotional acumen we are not so enthusiastic. We can’t seem to get enough of pithy affirmations but beyond hitting a “like” button,  how hard are we striving to change?

I think the KPIs for personal development are a more arduous metric to measure.   At the risk of sound too cliche perhaps life being a marathon and no a sprint gives us some perspective?

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