A Good Sport

I applaud the creativity.  You came to me with another scenario.  I see your name in my inbox and I wonder just what you will dream up next.   This time?  a college football role play.  You follow my twitter so you know how I get on any given Saturday from September to New Years Day.   You took advantage of that enthusiasm  in the best way possible.

When you walked in I had ESPN on.   You had been checking me out for awhile but I pretended not to notice.  When the time came for the big game, I found a reason to tell you I did notice.   You got the memo pretty quickly, seeing me only in  black stockings and a ‘Bama t-shirt (everyone who knows me, understands my complicated crush on Nick Saban)!

Of course I had to debrief you on my team’s stats and how critical this game is for them to make it to the playoffs.  You can’t help but notice my animate gestures and I can’t help but notice the impact that has on you.  Oh, the distraction!

In the spirit of competition we put a little wager on every field goal and touchdown.   Let’s just say we put the points on the board.

Team spirit.  You are a good sport.

Music mood:  John Denver ” country roads”

Neurally yours,

the slutty alumna xo




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