Culinary Love Letter

The dough in my hands – pushing, pulling and stretching it in different directions.  A rhythmic motion on repeat, the end result of which, is mouthwatering.  There I stood, in a foreign land, nurturing it with love, care and precision.

One of my favorite movies, is the Spanish film, “Like Water for Chocolate.” What I enjoy is how the heroine in the film puts all of her emotions into the food she makes.  It is the only way for her to express herself within a relationship that is forbidden.

I closed my eyes while massaging the dough, falling into a fragrant fantasy as I breathed in the exotic spices and low sounds around me.  This bread was my love letter.  A moment where I wanted to inspire you as much as you have inspired me.

Music mood:  The Cure “Pictures of You”

Neurally yours,

the french chef xo 



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