Empirical to Emotional

It was a phone call that started out like most others and yet somehow I was left with the feeling that this phone call would alter the course of events in some way, that someone my life would be different.

I was right.

The irony was that there was a sense it was an experiment on the human condition.  I was all in. Let me be your test case.  The results were unexpected or….were they?  I think we rediscovered more about ourselves than we bargained for. While we hypothesized that people who had a higher level of vocabulary and more importantly the ability to articulate their thoughts clearly, would find themselves draw to one another,  the outcome of this experiment would result in an “x” factor of surprise.

This is what I need to thank you for.

Music mood:  the Beatles ” here comes the sun”

Neurally yours,

your experiment xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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