Mommy Knows Best

Listen to your mother.  She always knows best.  After all she raised you to be a virile, educated and charismatic man.  You lean on her in the best and worst of times.  In your teen years, when your boyhood turned to manhood, you may found your mind wandering to the deeper and a shade darker, passages of your mind. A place where you mom became sexualized, as you were becoming more aware of the femininity of the women around you.

Those teenage fantasies are safe and free from judgement.  In our formative years our sexuality is somewhat shaped by mature  and strong female figures.  It is what she represents that is where the maternal eroticism begins.  We all know The Graduate

As I said, mommy knows best.

music mood:  CCR ” Have you ever seen rain”

Neurally yours,

mommy dearest xo



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