A Culinary Gentleman

The saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” doesn’t just apply to men only. A man who can cook and not  just grill is a treat. Who doesn’t love a renaissance man?

A Man in an Apron

Show me a man in a apron who can whisk up a frenzy of sensorial and culinary genius.  A taste and smell so seductive that one bite satiates.

There are so many men who are modest about their skills.  It is assumed they can work their way around a grill but when they know how to bake bread or a coconut cream pie?  Make a bouillabaisse?  Well that is on another artistic playing field.

Women are always looking for a man to surprise them with a hidden talent.  The ability to charm without bragging.  A secret skill they keep hidden in their sleeve.

Femininity Under the Hood

It is true. We want Paul Newman – tough as nails but who understands that sensitivity, vulnerability are strengths not weaknesses.   There is nothing sexier than an man who can reveal his secrets to you.  In  many cases, those secrets are not always revealed in the spoken word.

Let us appreciate the man  who can simply be a culinary gentleman.

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