How to Do Role Play Right

I’ve discussed my love of role play.  Perhaps it was my drama experience in grammar and high school but it is in my top 5 list of things to do.  There is no one scenario that I enjoy more than another but the mommy/son role play is definitely a fun one.  I know for many role play doesnt feel natural.  We all have fantasies but turning them into a 2-act play is a different story.  Personally, I have “performed” as all kinds of characters…from a double agent, a bored country club wife who wants her college age son, a boss, a therapist….I loved them all!

Have no fear, your guide to Role Play is here.

Method Acting

You dont need to be Meryl Streep or Marlon Brando but getting into the character by asking your partner detail questions is important.  This will enable you to understand the motivation and create the character.

 Breathing Techniques

This is important for those that get “stage fright.”  Take a few deep yoga breaths before your big “debut” so that your body can relax and stay in the moment.  It is also important to realize that your partner is going to play off of your energy so the more nervous you are the more awkward it will be and that is not sensual or sexy. Calm, cool and collected.

Keep the Props to a Minimum

I think props have their place but most of the time they are distraction.  The focus should be on the seduction and that is a mental workup more than anything else.  Depending on the scenario, props can be helpful.  I remember one mommy/son role play scenario where there as a handwritten letter for me.  Another time, I played a double agent and all I needed was red lipstick and some champagne to use as an innovative waterboarding technique.

Have Fun

You are in a judgement-free zone.  Enjoy it.  Let your imagination go.  Once you relax you will be surprised at how creative even the shyest person can be.   Let your inner Thespian out and let that creative energy turn carnal!

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