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I turned 43 almost 2 weeks ago.  My birthday is always a big deal for me. I use it as a time to travel, celebrate and reflect and most of all to break through a boundary.   This year was no different.   I learned to surf.

Learning how to surf was not easy but I like to push myself.  Despite the genes that run in my family, the athletic ones seems to skip over me.  However, the drive and determination aspect was well-ingrained from an early age.   Did it matter that my surf instructor didnt speak a  word of English?  No.  I figured out the basics and though I spent more time perfecting the art of wiping out, I did accomplish a standing position for :10.

In those moments where my body kissed the ocean floor or sometimes smacked it, I just got up again and went for the next wave.  When I finally was able to stand up, everything looked different.  It was as if the world went from black and white into color.  Isnt that how it feels when something in us awakens suddenly?

I may not have been riding waves life a pro within a few hour lesson but I did fall in love with the ocean all over again.  It made me realize that passion always needs stoking.

Until my next ride….

Music mood:  The Gestures ” hi-heeled sneakers”

Neurally yours,

surfer girl xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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