Going Native

Oh what an interesting day it was.  The perfect kick off to my upcoming birthday.   I met a lovely gent at Newark Penn and we headed to Gunnison Beach, a nude beach in Sandy Hook.   The sun was bright and hot but we had the proper supplies and the breeze off the ocean was lovely.

There is something about being naked in the sand and in the water.  We laid there side by side, talking, enjoying wine and listening to music.   There were varying degrees of naked around us but it was nice to see so many body types just enjoying themselves without a care in the world.

The last time I was naked on a beach was with my ex-husband in 1997, in Mykonos and Santorini.  How glorious it was to relive that feeling of total freedom. Skin and sand mixing together, on parts of the party that rarely ever see the sun.  There is freedom in being naked and open to the world.

Open expression. Open mind.

Music mood:  Rolling Stones “Can’t ya hear me knocking”

Neurally yours,

nature girl xo

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