Collision Course

Two objects repelling and attracting one another.   We don’t often think of sex and science together.  We learn from a young age that our rational and emotional selves are on a parallel path not a collision course.  Yet there is the “x factor” we always fail to consider until we experience it.  When it happens, we understand.   An energy harnessed from our intentions and provoked by emotions that run deep enough they can create their own motion.  a collision of mind and body bouncing off of one another in a free space.  Our spirits are free.

This ring of fire burning  and combusting  on the inside yet strong enough to shine through layers and layers of flesh.   An aura so bright and excitable that desire can quickly reach a fever pitch.

It is not just what is revealed on the surface.

What this feeling is  and the result that follows can not be defined.  I know we want to believe its love or its lust.  It is one or the other.  A clear choice.  However, the seduction lives in the ambiguity of emotion.  It makes it special.  The timing isn’t perfect we know that is merely incidental.  We can see through it, to the other side, where our secret stays a secret.

Ours to enjoy. That is no accident.

Music mood:   The Cure “Pictures of You”

Neurally yours,

the electron xo 

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