Creative Love

I came across a  site on Instagram the other day called  It is erotic art at its most interesting.  I am not much of a art lover but I find myself compelled to check my IG account a few times a day just to look and see what they have posted.  The drawings are all unique in the most subtle of ways.  The titles of the drawings push my imagination.

Technicolor Love

My mind wanders when I should be focused on more austere subjects, to a place where love is a freeform.  A technicolor mold of feelings so strong and bright you never no hunger or thirst.

There  is no guideline or standard, no moral hazard.  An organic chemistry that blooms as the heart, soul and body synchronize and open.  There is no fear or curiosity of what is next.

Its crazy, creative love. Like a vitamin.  I need it, want it, desire it.

Music mood:  Rusted Root-  Food and Creative Love

Neurally yours,

the artist xo

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