A Learning Lesson in Misery

I got angry recently.  It wasn’t an isolated incident. However,   I don’t want to focus so much on the circumstances but  rather what I learned from it. I suspect we all have our immature and less than graceful moments.   I reflected on it and ask myself, “how could I be so immature in that moment?”  I wasn’t only hurting the other person but I was hurting me too.  I got carried away with my words and before you know it, I had exhausted the emotions.

They physics of anger have a unique dynamic.  The amount of energy output far exceeds any positive result. The result leaves can leave you feeling physically exhausted and is a huge drain on your cerebral resources.   It is an emotion that proves little to no value if measured by its productivity.   And why would I want to waste any resources on something that would not yield a positive outcome?

I strive hard in the area of self-improvement and reflection.  I want to nurture my relationships, regardless of their nature, creating a safe, positive and fulfilling environment.  And when I’m angry I am not doing that. Perhaps that is why apologies are so important…but only if you can correct the behavior.

Forgiveness takes fortitude.

Music mood:  Jimmy Buffet “stranded on a sandbar”

Neurally yours,

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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