Adaptive Conscience: Part Deux

In my first post on “adaptive conscience”  I talked about the scientific and genetic effects of natural selection.  So we know humans are genetically wired to adapt to their environment but what happens when they are in the environment?  We live in a world that feels larger than life but the reality is that our connections keep us in quite intimate quarter so the effect of change feels magnanimous on the richter scale rather than just a blip.

We know that change is necessary to grow and thrive.  Disruption is painful in the moment, making it difficult for us to see the opportunity.    Of course, if it was so obvious, it wouldn’t be an opportunity because only those with insight and courage can really appreciate it.  Those that do are the strong.  They search and adapt to new angles.  Those that don’t are the weak.  They follow the masses.

This is nature at its best.  An examination of the human character’s strength.  A test at the cellular level, literally.. Do our instincts work as they should, as God designed them to?  How does this effect our perception of others?  Do we assume that even if biologically we may be similar, that the gifts given to us are only as good as how well and efficient we are at using them?

The essence of natural selection with the caveat that those that truly utilize their gifts extend, on offer, their abilities and efforts to those who cannot.

Music mood:  Emanuele Tozzi ” Evidentemente”

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