Adaptive Conscience

Adaptation is an interesting word.  Through each life event and stage of our life we are adapting.  The dictionary defines the word, ” to undergo modifications so as to fit new circumstances.”

To fit new circumstances…The behavior of adapting is a coping mechanism.  A resource for survival, supported by the Darwinian belief that, adaptation is essential to avoid extinction.   We face life’s realities as they are, not what we wish them to be.   Progress is made through each evolving step of adapting.  As humans with complex and critical thought, we are wired to recognize when we need to adapt.

There is no better way to illustrate this then with genomic evidence.  In 2009, Stanford University did a study to determine if adaptation plays a role in human evolution.   Without going through the minutae of the study (which you can read about here), scientists were able to  detect that genetic mutations instrumental to an “organism’s success in their environment” will develop a  unique and traceable signature.  when genomic adaptation occurs,  the genes connected to it will accompany it.  Thus, adaptation becomes widespread.  As a result, this groundbreaking study, was able to discover 200,000 years of  history.

While I am not a scientist, my takeaway is that our ability  to adapt is built within the cellular schematics of our bodies.  Adaptation is not so much a choice but our natural instinct. How good we are at managing it determines who thrives and who becomes extinct.

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