Outsmarting the Heart

Matters of the heart are not often simple.  Our emotions play little tricks on us.  We being overachieving humans, believe we can outsmart our heart.  Its doesn’t think rationally after all. What a sucker it can be.  It wants to feel love and be loved back.  It wants to experience the headiness of passion from head to toe no doubt but that is sometimes a treat more than an every day occurrence.

Logic is a much better argument.  Its far less subjective.  Universally you would hard-pressed to find someone who could disagree with an argument that favored head over heart.

Does it matter?

Your brain is much more complex than sometimes we give it credit for.  There are synapses that fire on emotion, triggering such intensity that it blinds you.  What I have learned is to let the process work as it should.  Let you head, let you heart do what it needs to do.  Don’t try to control every moment.  It all works out in the end.

Your head is no smarter than your heart.  They just follow different patterns.  Somehow, they have synchronicity.

Music mood:  Brent Cobb ” the world”

Neurally yours,

low country neurons xo

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