Thinking Spherically

Sphere – From the Greek word, sphaira, ” globe”.  It is defined as a perfectly round,  geometrical object that exists in three-dimensional space that is the surface of a completely round ball. 

How well rounded are are we though?  Do most of think linearly as black and white or can we choose think in 3 dimension?

It is an interesting conundrum to observe that as society advances and becomes more complex, it seems the way of thinking becomes more linear, almost lazy.  We expect everything to be at our fingers, and that in turn requires less critical thinking.

The downside to a linear way of thinking is there is less tolerance.  The mirror we hold up becomes distorted because how we see ourselves and how we really can be v. different.    I believe the first is recognizing it.  We live in an age where social media is slowly making us more unsocial and narcissistic, all to further the development of AI and the ability to understand patterns in human thinking and behavior.

Luckily, as human beings we are dynamic.  We can choose to be unpredictable.  Our brains are taking a deeper dive into the human soul, if we choose to comprehend others in that way.

That is thinking spherically.

Happy new year!

music mood:  Jimmy Buffet ” blue heaven rendezvous”

Neurally yours,

blue sky thinker xo

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