Conscientious Dialogue

We talk. We tweet. We post. We like.  The conversation continues – sometimes its a dialogue, most of the time its a monologue.  Like I am doing now…lol

The words come fast and furious.  There are many times, our mouth opens before our brain has time to process what it is we want to say.  The urgent need to engage and influence in conversation.   We want our voice to be heard or is that we want to hear our own voice?  Perhaps  sometimes we are too quick to formulate our next statement.

I know I talk alot.  I love building relationships and connecting with people.  The people that I admire the most are that are quietly observing and more importantly, listening intently.  I know how critical this trait is in business.  An exercise in self-control.  I can recall sitting in Wurst in Fargo, ND at the bar and the guy sitting next to me was a retired Fortune 500 CEO who was there on PE business.  I knew, before he even introduced himself that he had a higher-level of business acumen because of how he listened.

There are so many books written on communicating that you would think we would all be great at it.  Yet, there is much more to communication then the dialogue.

Music mood:  Depeche Mode “policy of truth”

Neurally yours,

your eyes and ears xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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