The Seductive Emotion of Hate

I was listening to a podcast recently about the seductive emotion of hate.  You might not think that a vitriolic behavior such as hate would appropriately be linked to a behavior synonymous with intimacy.

Yet, hate is as compelling of an emotion as lust or love.

As social media takes over as our footprint, I wonder why its easier to “shame” or “hate” someone than it is to be kind?  Is it because we think kindness or privilege one has to earn?  Why is there so much energy devoted towards retaliation and negative emotions that yield no results?

Its not rational.  I don’t believe people who project these emotions are thinking rationally.  They have a “justifiable reason.”  They believe they are doing public good by knocking someone down, “teaching them a lesson.”  Yet, there is no public debate.  There is just finger pointing from behind a screen.  No accountability needed.   In these cases, the person hating is equally as guilty as the person who blatantly or inadvertently made the statement.

What hope is there in an era where everyone with a smartphone has the capability to be broadcaster, judge, jury and executioner?

It is sad to me that people find solace in hate.  How quickly and easily we are seduced by the downfall or demise of another?  That there is a cliche, “revenge is sweet.”   I can’t put the blame on  technology completely because as humans, regardless of the era, there has always been hate. Today, we have a more instant gratification for it.

There is no confidence in hate.  There is only insecurity.

Quote of the day: “Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.  Kindness in giving creates love.”  – Lao Tzu

Neurally yours,

love xo




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