Are We full of Excuses?

Sometimes I wonder.  We can justify anything.  It is what separates us from robots-our abstract thinking.  It is why every company with an app is trying to collect data on us, in an effort to understand humans for a generation beyond.

I think this is where science fails. In every poll, there is always a margin for error.  We know it exists but yet we can figure out a way to make it more minute.  The reason is because of “je ne sais quoi. ”  The x factor.  There will always be an unknown to be solved.  Or maybe that is just it.  The unknown can’t be solved because human nature, our abstract thinking is a bit too complex to isolate.

So we make excuses.  If you hypothesize you are out to prove something.  What happens if you can’t?  You find the variable that will excuse you from the proof.

Its ok to be excused.  Its ok to not know the answer.  Unsolved mysteries are what our world is built on.  We spend our lives trying to understand or at least to find a way around the fact that we don’t understand, and frankly, might never.

A conundrum indeed.  In the meantime, we have sex.  X factor solved. Excuses excused.

Music mood:  Maroon 5 ” What lovers do”

Neurally yours,

Einstein’s mistress xo 

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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