Practicality of Emotions

The word practical doesn’t evoke emotion.  Its articulation is rational.  In church today, we had  Presbyterian Minister guests sermon at high Mass.  This is a big deal considering it is not common to have interfaith presentation during Catholic mass in ordinary time.  However, high mass always stirs my creative juices.

We are taught in business to think with our head not our heart.  Yet, it is passion for what we do that gives success longevity.  Emotions don’t need to be thought of in extremes.  They are the catalyst for our train of thought.  A contemplative compulsion is derived from an emotional instinct.  It is when we experience the extremes that emotions become unproductive.  This sense of overwhelm will inevitably lead to poor decision making.

I think it is important recognize the vital added value that emotion contribute to our train of thought and overall quality of life.  Our world is technologically driven, and what ultimately sets us apart from robots (at least for now) are the layers of complexity in our thought process, which begin in with how we feel.

Music mood:  Jimmy Buffet ” I wish lunch could last forever”

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