Stirring Passion

A few weekends ago,  I had the chance to visit the Hudson Valley.   It wasn’t my first time but every visit has been to a different town and the best part it how beautiful it is within a short distance that is the concrete mass of Manhattan.

I love to cook and garden.  These were things I gave up on  when I moved to the city in late 2005, after my divorce.   My tiny apt was not conducive to cooking elaborate meals nor for growing anything.  I do still cook but its on a much more basic scale then when entertaining clients and family alike happened on the regular.  Now, I have seamless and get my fresh herbs in a plastic container.


There is something cathartic about hands in the earth and seeing a finished product from something born of a seedling.  I took advantage of the farmer’s market while in Tarrytown, and bought some root veggies, rosemary focaccia and Korean-style short ribs.  I’ve never made short ribs before but what the heck!  I made up a marinade of ACV, raw honey, garlic and thyme.

What I think I enjoyed the most was the spontaneity of it. There was no plan.  It just unfolded and ended up being juicy and delicious.

A metaphor for life – you put your passion and love not what you enjoy and sometimes that is all you need to create a spectacular memory.  The moment is there to grab and enjoy so why not seize it and savor!

Music mood:  Chris Stapleton ” Tennessee Whiskey”

Neurally yours,

Chef naughty xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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