It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I  think sometimes the well of inspiration runs a bit dry but eventually replenishes.

A friend sent me this article on the power of touch and it got me thinking.  A few simple gestures, touches can reinvigorate the body.  A hand cupped over another, a long gaze into the eyes, fingers that lightly sweep over the nape of the neck.   The article illustrates how far a person will go when starved for simple gestures of affection.

It is quite common that the simple gestures go over looked in our daily lives.  After a while we stop thinking about.  The need gets pushed down the priority list and we go about our day, refocusing that energy, those desire into something else.

Then, comes the day of reckoning. The flood gates open and a deluge of passion is unleashed, all from a simple gesture.  It isn’t just our bodies and minds that feel satiated but our souls too.

Music mood:  Rolling Stones ” slave”

Neurally yours,

the hand xo