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Father’s Day was yesterday and I hope that anyone who reads this blog that is a dad, a dad-to-be or a son, enjoyed some special bonding moments.

It is funny that we need to have a “day” to celebrate what we should recognize every day.  I think one days folds into another though and having a special day serves as a reinforcement not to take our loves ones for granted.

Personally, I have a strong bond with my dad.  As he gets older I see his vulnerability a bit more but I still see him as the all-American football player,  brilliant and successful businessman,  the person who made me and sister french toast every Saturday after we finished our chores.   My dad traveled every week for work so Saturday was “our” day.   A highly accomplished man both in business and as an athlete, he has always remained humble, even after getting inducted into his alma mater’s  Hall of Fame.  His humility  and wisdom and ability to listen never go unnoticed.

As I take a moment to reflect on the people I have formed connections with in recent years, I marvel at how much I have grown, learned and opened up from spending time in their company.  I see just how special they are and appreciate the moments we share.

Happy Father’s day, every day.

Music mood:  The Doors ” love me two times”

Neurally yours,

your great admirer xo 


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