Revival of the Fittest

We are animals in one form or another.  Emotion catalyzes beyond the basic needs.  This is what separates from animals.  As humans, it is not survival of the fittest that drives us but revival.

When I think about survival it sounds rather desperate.  A basic tenant of life that, at least in the developed world is assumed.  There is a connotation that what we are clawing and scrambling to achieve.  There is no aspirational moment, it is mere fulfillment.

A revival.  The chance to breathe new life into something.  A resuscitation of not just needs, but desires and wants.  The optimism of endless chances.  Opportunities are not finite.

The irony is that this mindset can be at odds with societal norms.  If we overachieve we are supposed to share in that with others, who merely spectators.  We can’t blame them because they have a survival mindset.  After all, there can’t be a “have not” without someone who “has.”

If we took a moment to change the conversation from the fight word “survival” to the more productive and enthusiastic behavior of “revival,” we may find less arrogance, shame and more celebration of the achievements of others.

We’ve come a along way since the apes.  Its time we moved past Neanderthal thinking.

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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