The Case for the Nipple Ring

A review was recently posted about me, that briefly mentioned my nipple rings.  It made me stop and think for a moment about its purpose and perhaps if they have overstayed their welcome?

It has been 5 years since I have had them in and it was a painful process with extensive healing time.  When people see them I think they are shocked and bewildered because they don’t quite know what to do.  It is as if they are driving down a road, full speed ahead and the light suddenly turns yellow.. do they speed up or stop?

The looks they get, I have to admit, are priceless.  I see them as a piece of me, my past, my sexual history.  I was motivated to pierce them by a man who forever changed my existence, who encouraged that growth and change, although scary and a venture into the unknown, creates an awareness of being that runs so deep its not quantifiable.

These rings symbolize something much greater than jewelry hanging off a pair of large nipples. They are symbol of sacrifice and pleasure.  A potent measure of my femininity.  It gives me great pleasure to have them gently fondled, caressed and sucked.

This background may be a bit verbose but without sharing a bit more of me with you, well then they are nothing more than metal rings through flesh.

Music mood:  DJ Shadow ” Systematic”

Neurally yours,

double G’s  xo




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