Of Wine and Men…

There is a theme that runs through my life…in all of my interests, what stokes my fire…two words come to my dynamic and mysterious.  This is especially true when it come to my taste in wine and men.  The irony is how similar they are…

Wine it s living an breathing..dynamically changing within the confines of the environment it rests.  An organic process that starts with the terroir…history, the earth, air and water, someone’s hands roaming, molding and  pruning the seedlings to bear luscious fruit.

This is only the beginning.  Whether the wine  takes on a modern or traditional aging process, the strongest,the best of grape juice shows its personality over time.  It seduces slowly, never quick to reveal its true colors, rather  drawing you in as it opens to a satisfying finish.

A wine’s complexity is not mean to understood.  It is meant to be accepted, appreciated and treasured.  From year to year, its taste will change.  The more you let a good wine rest in its proper state, the more it will work for you. Of course a word of caution…be watchful, if you don’t take of its needs it  is likely to turn sour on you.

Music mood:  Van Morrison ” sweetest thing”

Yours truly,

Vitis  Vinifera xo




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