Exercising Restraint

A job in and of itself.  The ability to quell the electricity from the neurons in our brains telling us what we want now, when it isn’t in our best interest or the timing isn’t right.

I want to fuck you but I know better.   I wait until the move is right, until I have you primed.  I don’t give in to your emotion.  You have to beg for it and even then, I still won’t give it to you.

This shiny thing in front of you, a sweet piece of candy so close within your reach.  The close proximity translates into you feeling deserved of it.  You deserve nothing. You earned  nothing.  In that moment your mind is playing one track…and its all  about you.

Except…the next moment it won’t be and then maybe you might get what you want.

This is restraint.  Now release.

Music mood:  Metallica ” Unforgiven”

Neurally yours,

the ties that bind xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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