The Paradox of Infinity

Unbound.  Arbitrarily large.  These are the definitions of Infinity, according to mathematicians.   As human beings we translate that to mean invincibility.  There is always another chance, another opportunity  waiting.

Yet those that see past the unboundless remain one step ahead.  Why?  They have no or little aversion to risk, they look past judgement and merely bet on the opportunity that presents itself or perhaps the opportunity that nobody else sees.

The logic to infinity settles on the calculation risk.  The paradox of infinity lies in the consequence of judgement.  If you fear it , than you are bound not free.

Infinity.  Arbitrarily large wins and losses.  In the end zero sum but hey its fucking fun.

Music mood:  Phil Collins ” in the air tonight”

Neurally yours,

lust and logic xo



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