The Voice of Reason

Early in my marketing and advertising career, I had to get the sign-off of a Creative Direction for a simple email.   The problem was that I didn’t agree with his direction.  I walked boldly into his office, showed him the latest proof and simply stated to him,” I don’t like it.”  This unleashed the creative beast of rants and when that was over the following advice was dispensed, ”  Never say you just don’t like something.  Always have a reason.  People won’t take you seriously otherwise.”

La voix de la raison.

If you don’t have a reason for being, for thought what is the point of life?  If you don’t know your own happiness, your own misery, your own success…what is the point?  Know your own mind, even if it is not reasonable to another. Know each step as one foot goes in front of the other…

You may not know where each foot will lead you but life is not about the destination but the journey.

Music mood:  Stromae “formidable”

Neurally yours,

the oversexed and reasonable philosopher xo



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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