Lord of the Mob

You may have noticed that I reblogged a post on the EO from President Trump on Immigration.   While this diary is not the place for politics,  all of the hysteria with v little fact made me think about the emotions driving it.  Fear, passion, anxiety, self-importance.

What I find provocative  is the “mob mentality.”   In our modern world, this can also be applied to the virtual mob of social media as well.     This term, was first  the social scientist, Gustave Le Bon devised the term “mob mentality.”  Dr. Le Bon theorized that there were 3 stages to this mentality:   1.  anonymity 2.  contagion 3.  suggestibility.  Simply put, in the first stage, the individual sheds their singular thoughts and  any personal responsibility.  Once that takes place and they have shed any individuality,  there is an assimilation into group think and  embracing collective emotional quotient of the crowd.   Finally, there is unity in the emotion and in many cases the purprose of the protest gets absorbed into a contatgious,collective high.

There is freedom in shedding personal responsbility that leads to a facade of invicibility.  After all there is security when you are not alone.    When people are retweeting you, chanting along side of you, the adrenaline rush stops all rational thought.  The beast of ego is fed.  There is not reason to see a different persepctive.  Perhaps the original intent becomes swept up, absorbed and forgotten.

As all things that eventually come to an end, the momentum wanes.  How far behind did you leave your individual thought?

Quote of the day:  “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
― George S. Patton Jr.

Neurally yours,

rational thought 

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