A Few Facts…

In case you are in a curious mood…

-the most adventurous and fun thing I have ever done was had sex in a sauna with a famous winemaker.

-I love all foods except for Indian.

-My favorite destination in the U.S. is Jackson, WY.

-My favorite international destination I have visited thus far:  Puligny-Montrachet, Burgundy

-The US destination I am most excited to visit:  Its a tie between Charleston & Savannah

-The International destination I am most curious about:  Russia

-Any kinky regrets?  Yes. The weight that I put on when I was with my ex.  Its slowly coming off though.

-What I love most about my life?  the wonderful things that I learn from amazingly brilliant and adorable nieces.

-The best part of sex – the before and after.  The first kiss and your smile and the panting afterward.

-The kinkiest thing I don’t do anymore and really miss:  watersports and puppy play

-My fantasy meal:  oysters on the half with  a real pearl

-The music artist that puts me in a romantic mood – Ceu or Miles Davis

-Favorite sexual accessory – a massage candle (v. messy but alot of fun)

Music mood:  Rolling Stones ” Cant Ya Hear Me Knockin'”

Neurally yours,



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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