Grapes and Beans

Uncorked and ready to be sipped.  Robust with flavors slighted rounded at the edges to complete its complexity.  The juice shivers  with anticipation in the delicate crystal, waiting for those warm lips  curved into a slight smile.  As it sits with courage and boldness on the table waiting for another turn, there is a story being told between two people.  A page-turner with each sip, a new chapter with each glass poured.  Emotions blossom. Neurons are working overtime, firing on all cylinders.  An intimate evening enjoyed.

The burst of energy from a morning wake-up call.  The aroma of what is to come wafts through the air – of decisions to be made, people to meet, place to go.  The brain jumps into action-synapses are open ready- neurons sending signals full of promise.   There is optimism and a steady alertness flowing through the body.  Engines are revving.  Every day is a new day, a new canvas to mark up.  A new opportunity to fulfill needs and goals.  The motivation to make today a good day and not think about tomorrow.

What you have harvested shall bloom.

Music mood:  Emanuele Tozzi –  “l’amore perfetto”

Neurally yours,

Grapes and Beans xo



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