New Year’s…Just Another Day….

I don’t make new year’s resolutions anymore.  It’s another excuse for people who didn’t accomplish what they wanted to, a last-ditch effort to sooth their conscience.

Don’t worry, I’m not throwing stones, I am as guilt of it as anyone.  Throughout the years, I have whiteboarded lots of goals, ideas the writing was literally on my wall, some stuff happened and others did not.  The lack of accomplishment didn’t have any tangible effects and could have gone unnoticed but I am writing about it now, so apparently, not. The black and white of it is that since I was 25 I have had 3-4 ideas that have made others billionaires. I say good for them.  I’m glad they had the courage to execute where I clearly did not.   The only thing that has changed over the years are the thoughts about what makes me different from those that “do” and “achieve”.

The rainmakers and change makers.  You know them.

When I look in the mirror I still see that person.  I may not be disrupting on a  worldwide scale but I know I have and continue to make a different on a v. personal and intimate scale. The truth is, I am not sure I would want world-wide disruption.    The passion and desire still bubbles from my brain to my soul and then through my pores.  You see it, feel it and are inspired it. You want the formula and I’m that conduit for you.  I cherish that role.  The window of time we have is not large but it lets in a potent breeze for us to feel and remember.

Life is about creating certainty through the randomness of daily events.  If I accomplish that every day, well that’s something isn’t it?

Happy…Just another day….

Music mood:  Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Give it away”

Neurally yours,

weather girl

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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